Concrete pumps are available a few of basic varieties — line pumps and boom pumps. Where are concrete pumps used? Concrete pumps are suitable to be used during enormous sort of construction applications.

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Concrete pumps are available a few of basic varieties — line pumps and boom pumps. Where are concrete pumps used? Concrete pumps are suitable to be used during enormous sort of construction applications.


Line pumps pump liquid concrete in hoses at about ground level until the concrete reaches its objective. The hoses offer the pliability to snake through alleys and around houses where the truck might not be ready to park. Below are a couple of samples of sorts of line pumps:


Stationary pumps: A stationary pump, or trailer-mounted pump, is that the most elementary sort of concrete pump. It consists of a pump mounted onto alittle trailer. A separate truck is important to tow a stationary pump to job sites. A stationary pump also doesn't have a boom, so separate pipelines or placing hoses are necessary to hold the concrete from the pump to where it must go. A separate placing boom is additionally necessary to put the concrete precisely.

Truck-mounted static pump: Truck mounted static pumps are mounted onto truck beds, so employees can drive them on to job sites. These sorts of concrete pump trucks don’t have placing booms, though, in order that they would require the utilization of separate placing hoses to urge the concrete where it must go.

Truck mixer pump: This all-in-one model cpuld be a cement mixer with a pump attached so it can pump directly from the mixer. This model is efficient in many applications, though it requires employment site setup that permits for driving an outsized mixing truck right up next to the place where the concrete must be poured.

2.Boom Pumps

A boom pump increase through the air to pump the concrete where it must go. it's an extended , flexible, remote-controlled arm made from articulated sections, and therefore the arm extends into the air very similar to a crane. Boom pumps and may be used for hard-to-reach areas that a line pump cannot reach, like the upper floors of a high-rise or apartment complex. they will also reach over houses and into yards for the development of backyard swimming pools or garden features. When the boom isn't in use, it folds up into neat segments on the rear of the truck for transport.

Employees can drive this type of pump on to job sites, and therefore the placing boom can put the concrete where it must go without requiring the utilization of additional hoses. These pumps work quickly, and that they can reach any area accessible of the boom. Their user-friendly features make the boom pump versatile and popular on construction sites.

The articulated sections of boom pumps are available a couple of different folding configurations:

Roll-and-fold: The sections of roll-and-fold pumps fold one under subsequent during a curling motion. they're ideal for wide-open spaces because they have many room to unfold.

Z and ZZ: The sections of those pumps fold back and forth like an accordion. they're ideal for fitting through tight spaces and over and under obstructions, like over a house then under tree branches.

RZ: These pumps, also called multifold pumps, have sections are a mixture of roll-and-fold and Z sections.

At DY Concrete Pumps, we concentrate on boom pumps. All our boom pumps are completely drivable truck-mounted pumps with five or six articulated sections for superior horizontal and vertical reach. Each of our trucks features a chassis with three, four or five axles, counting on the dimensions and weight of the boom pump.


A few of the various models we provide include the following:


57-meter 6-section RZ-fold boom pump (57X-6RZ): this is often our flagship model of mobile concrete boom pump for medium and enormous construction sites. This pump is our longest and most efficient. Its incredible vertical reach of 56.2 meters and horizontal reach of 52.2 meters make it ideal for tall buildings and very hard-to-reach areas, and its six articulated sections provide it superior 360-degree mobility. Its remote allows for precise, easy concrete placement.

43-meter 5-section RZ-fold boom pump (43X-5RZ): This medium-sized concrete boom pump is right for both commercial and residential construction projects. Its vertical reach of 42.3 meters and horizontal reach of 38.3 meters leave much access to high places, while the more compact truck body makes it easy to park in residential spaces. Its articulated, remote-controlled arms make it easy to navigate over or under tree branches and power lines.

33-meter 5-section ZZ-fold boom pump (33X-5ZZ): This lightweight boom pump is right for commercial and residential applications where mobility may be a high priority. The five accordion-folding articulated sections of this pump allow it to succeed in all types of hard-to-access areas, and its small size allows it to figure in tight spaces, like beneath bridges and in interior spaces with ceilings of 19 feet.


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